Book a tent spot

The campsite closes for the season 15/9

With us you always have to book in advance!

New guests

Those of you who have not camped with us before should first read all the information under "Family Camping" and "Finding here" in the menu before you book.

You must be over 25 years of age or older to camp here.

Our campsite is a family campsite. We have an age limit of 25 years and unfortunately do not make any exceptions for young people who are not accompanied by their parents.

Want to book more than 14 nights?

If you wish to book more than 14 nights, please contact us via the form in the menu under "Tent site".


If you stay here for a week or longer, you can bring your dog with you (see more info in our rules).


With us, it is not allowed to only bring a hammock to sleep in, but you must always have a tent with you where everyone in the company has room to sleep. If the place where you are located makes it possible to hang a hammock directly adjacent to the tent, it is fine, but it is not allowed to have a hammock in a different place than where you have your tent.

Read this before booking

  • This year we have a new booking system, please read the information on the booking page carefully before booking. New for this year is also that you pay directly at the time of booking.
  • New for this year is also that if you come with more than one tent, you must make 2 separate bookings, even within the same family.
  • During the period 1/7 - 3/8 you must book at least 3 nights.
  • Confirmation/receipt will be sent immediately after the booking is completed (check your spam if you haven't received it).

Important information about the Nordkoster deal

Unfortunately, the shop at Nordkoster will not be open this year,

There is a well-stocked ICA Nära store on Sydkoster, which you can get to using the cable ferry.
It is also possible to get into Strömstad to shop, there are some good tours where you are in just under an hour in Strömstad.

During the high season this year it is extra important to buy most of what you need before arriving here.
Finally, there are many nice restaurants on both islands.