The campsite

On the north-eastern side of Nordkoster, within the nature reserve, is the only camping / tent site on the Koster Islands and here you can book a spot for your tent when it is open in summer. Otherwise it is not allowed to camp on the Koster Islands. See links to the nature reserve rules and national park rules in the menu under ABOUT KOSTER.
The campsite is located right by the sea. The ground is hilly, so small tents are preferable. There are no marked tent spots, but you pitch your tent where there is room.

  • This is a family campsite, young people without accompanied by adults are not allowed to camp with us.
  • We strive for peace and quiet and therefore do not accept therefore do not accept larger groups such as school classes, companies, sports clubs and the like during any part of the season.
  • The tent must be occupied during the entire stay by the person who made the reservation. The tent must not be empty at night.

You always have to book in advance!

The number of tent spots is limited and you must always book in advance. If you wish to visit us during the high season, w.27 - 30, you should book well in advance.
During high season you have to book at least 3 nights. This is to have a calmer experience and fewer arrivals and departures per day.

"You have to think as if you were camping in the wilderness except for our amenities"

The campsite

The surface of the campsite consists of grass and partly sand near the sea. A little further up, it is slightly hilly forest land. The smaller the tent, the easier it is to find a place to pitch your tent.  


This is not a place for the comfortable camper but rather for outdoor people who appreciate a beautiful and primitive nature experience.

There is no indoor service. Everything you need, from tents to toothpicks, you have to bring yourself.


  • Payment for a tent site is made directly at the time of booking online by card or Swish.
  • When buying bread, Sjö&Hav products or similar on site, we accept most common debit and credit cards as well as contactless payment methods such as Apple pay, G Pay, Samsung Pay.
  • At the reception and the bread shop we do not accept foreign cash or Swish.


  • Charging of powerbanks at the reception. Bring your own charger & cord! Otherwise there is no electricity on the campsite

  • Composting toilets

  • Drinking water (cold) of good quality to be collected in a brought along container at the reception

  • Barbecues. Bring charcoal or briquettes. Fire with wood is not allowed.

  • A sink with tubs is available at the reception, bring your own brush and detergent. 

  • Waste sorting at the reception. Sorting is available for:
    Household waste
    recycled glass, recycled cans, plastic (PET) bottles
    Gas cylinders (disposable)

  • For larger/other waste, please contact reception.

  • Replace/buy ice packs at reception. We only accept two types of ice packs, see under "tips for your stay".

  • Here you wash your self in the sea. We have no showers. At the reception you can buy Sjö&Hav (Sea&Ocean) products that work well in salt and cold water.

Bread shop

During the campsite's high season (from about midsummer to mid-August), our bake off shop is open every day 09.00 - 10.00.
We offer sourdough baguettes, rolls, cinnamon buns and croissants.
In order for everyone to have the opportunity to buy the bread you want, you need to order the bread the day before. Orders are made on a list available at the reception. Thenext day you pick up and pay for your bread between 09.00 - 10.00 at the bread shop.
The bread shop is located next to the reception.

What does occupancy look like during a season?

  • During the first half of June you can have the feeling of having the campsite almost to yourself
  • June is rarely fully booked (with the except for Midsummer and the last days of the month).
  • July and until mid-August is always fully booked. This is when we have the most families with children enjoying the summer vacation and Koster.
  • From the 3rd week of August onwards it is never fully booked
  • In the second half of August, once again, you can have the feeling of having the campsite almost to yourself

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