Tips for your stay


Drinking water is collected at the reception, so you should have a can or similar with you so you can store water at your tent.


Bring a powerbank, charger and cord! Powerbanks can be charged at reception.  


The sounds of nature are great to listen to, but sometimes nature may wake up earlier than you'd like.


There is no lighting in the area and it can get dark later evenings/nights, especially in August and September.


Unfortunately, there is no possibility to buy LPG bottles for your portable stove on the islands, so make sure to buy bottles before traveling to Koster.


Barbecue facilities are available, but you have to bring charcoal or briquettes. It is not allowed to burn wood.


For those of you who are going to visit us for a few days and especially in the low season, it can be good to buy most of what you need in terms of food. There are two shops on the koster islands, a summer shop on Nordkoster (the shop on Nordkoster will unfortunately not be open in 2024) and a year-round shop on Sydkoster. Opening hours for the shops can be found under "ABOUT COSTER" in the menu.


Many of our guests wash dishes in the sea (on the east side of the camping area). At the reception it is possible to buy detergent for salt water, if you do not bring your own. There is also a dish rack and tubs at the reception where you can wash dishes. You need to bring your own dish brush.


At Nordkoster there are four restaurants located between 5-20 min walking distance from the campsite. Bring children's bikes if it makes the walk there easier.


You can buy/exchange ice packs. Ice packs of the models (FRIZET T350 & T500 and Gio Style 400) are the ones we use and that we can change to frozen ones. Of course, it is also possible to buy ice packs from us if you do not want to bring your own.


We do not provide furniture and if there is something you want, you have to bring it yourself, or as some returning campers have done, built yourself from driftwood that you may find on the west side of the island. Over the years, regular campers have built fine driftwood furniture. These pieces of furniture are cherished possessions for our returning guests. However, it is possible to borrow furniture that is not currently in use. The furniture is signed and the owner has the right to get their furniture back as soon as it arrives. The furniture is priceless so take care of it.


If you have a bicycle trailer or similar, it can make it easier to transport both luggage and small children to restaurants/food stores. There is no bicycle rental on North Koster and if you wish to have a bicycle you must bring your own. There are bicycle rentals on South Koster, but these bicycles may not be taken to North Koster. The campsite has many of the finest beaches right around the corner and a bike is really only needed if you want to get to the other side of the island quickly instead of taking a 15-20 minute walk. Otherwise, Nordkoster is a hiking island within the nature reserve where cycling is not allowed.