Well-Being rules

To maintain the feeling of freedom, it is important that all campers take responsibility and use common sense, respect their neighbours and the fragile nature. Below you will find the well-being rules that have evolved over the 60 years we have had the campsite and are essential so everyone can have a pleasant stay.

Book in advance

With us you always have to book a place for your tent in advance, but read this page first!

On arrival

If the reception is not open on arrival, you can set up your tent within the camping area. The entire area is marked with red markings on trees and poles. Look carefully to ensure that you pitch within this area. IMPORTANT! Report your arrival at the first open reception time.

Your campsite

Do not camp closer than 2m from paths and roads. Keep at least 4m to surrounding tents. Your belongings, such as tables, chairs etc. should be placed in directly adjacent to the tent so that they do not obstruct another possible tent site. If a tarpaulin is used to protect your tent from rain, it should be in a color that blends in with the natural surroundings. The tarpaulin must not be larger than it protects the tent. During the whole stay, the tent must be occupied by the person who booked it. The tent must not be left empty at night.


With us, it is not allowed to only come with a hammock to sleep in, but you must always have a tent with you where everyone has room to sleep. If the place where you are located makes it possible to hang a hammock directly adjacent to the tent, it is fine, but it is not allowed to have a hammock in a different place than where you have your tent.


Unfortunately we have to limit number of dogs on the campsite. Guests who staying here for less than a week (seven nights) will have to leave their dog at home. at home. If you are here for a longer period of time and have your dog with you, you must lie down and always have your dog on a leash! The dog should be used to tents and not alien to new people. people. You indicate in the booking if you intend to bring your dog. Cats are not allowed here.

Cooking, grilling & fire regulations

  • Always supervise your LPG stove when in use.
  • Always have water ready at your tent and barbecue areas.
  • Barbecuing with charcoal / briquettes is only allowed at our barbecue areas down by the beach. Wood burning is not allowed.
  • Disposable barbecues may only be used at the barbecue areas.
  • There are 5 fire extinguisher cabinets with fire extinguishers and fire blankets. on pine trunks in the camping area. On arrival make sure you know where they are.


Trolleys are only intended for the transportation of luggage to and from the from the boat calling at the Vettnet pier. If you have used a trolley on arrival. return it to the reception desk as soon as possible so that the next guest can use it. On departure - leave it in the designated place at the Vettnet pier. If there is no trolley at Vettnet's pier (on arrival), you have to go to the reception and pick it up. Upon departure, you can go to Vettnet's pier to see if there are any carts missing at the reception. It happens that all carts are occupied sometimes when many arrive/depart at the same time.

Think about the noise level

For peace and quiet, be aware of the noise level, especially in the evenings and early mornings. Night time between 23.00 and 08.00. Ball games and other loud activities are restricted to the beach strip and are not allowed after 22:00. Here at the campsite we put the cell phone on silent and use headphones for radio, phone etc.

The toilets

For everyone's comfort, parents of young children should be present at toilet visits. Please remember not to throw anything other than toilet paper into toilets.

You live in a nature reserve and a national park

We all have a responsibility to protect the sensitive environment of the nature reserve. Do not dig pits in the camping area. It is of course forbidden to saw or nail in the trees. Do not throw rubbish and cigarette butts in nature. To avoid excessive wear and tear wear and tear, ball games and similar activities are referred to the beach strip.
Cycling is not allowed in the area. Park your bicycle at the reception.
If you want to know more about Kosteröarnas nature reserve and Kosterhavets national park click below.

Departure day

When you leave the campsite - don't leave anything behind! and pick up any rubbish. Put the number plate, which you received at check-in, in the mailbox at the reception. Returning the number plate confirms that you have left the campsite.